Message from the President

Welcome to the Lambda Eta Chapter of the Sigma Nu Fraternity! Hopefully this website will not only
help you answer any questions you may have about the chapter, but also show why over 400 have
decided to join the brotherhood.

For over 30 years the Lambda Eta chapter has strived to make the individuals who join, the university
community and the greater Rochester community better by embodying the core values of Sigma Nu:
Love, Honor and Truth.

To believe in the life of love”: The brotherhood has been a useful resource for many brothers
traversing the stressful time that is college. By having events that offer both a respite from stresses and
an opportunity to strengthen our bonds with one another, our brotherhood becomes not only stronger,
but more enjoyable.


To walk in the way of honor”: The chapter continues to strictly adhere to Sigma Nu’s anti-hazing
policy, which has been in place nationally since the inception of Sigma Nu in 1869. In addition, the
chapter also gives back to the community. The chapter holds multiple philanthropy events every year
where we raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.


To serve in the light of truth”: The active brotherhood is very involved on campus. The brotherhood
has members of the Order of Omega (Honor Society) and Eye to Eye (Community Service Organization).
Many of the active brothers are also teaching assistants or resident advisors.

With these core values in mind, I hope this website helps answer any questions you may have about the
Lambda Eta chapter of Sigma Nu.




Ben Shafran
Eminent Commander