Who We Are

The Lambda Eta Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity was founded at the University of Rochester on April 25, 1987. Since our founding, our brothers have built a tradition of excellence and have dedicated their lives to our Fraternity's values of Love, Honor and Truth.


Our chapter today consists around 3o brothers whom are actively involved within the University and the greater Rochester community. 

Sigma Nu National

Sigma Nu's past is a proud and colorful one. Founded by three cadets at the Virginia Military Institute in a period of civil strife known as the Reconstruction, Sigma Nu represented a radical departure from the times. The system of physical abuse and hazing of underclassmen at VMI led to James Frank Hopkins, Greenfield Quarles, and James McIlvaine Riley to form the "Legion of Honor" which soon became Sigma Nu Fraternity. So, amidst a backdrop of turmoil, North America's first "Honor" fraternity was established.

Anti-Hazing. Sigma Nu Fraternity was founded in 1869 as an act of defiance against the system of hazing then left unrestrained at the institution. To this day, Sigma Nu stands against hazing in any form. The fraternity and this chapter give you the promise that you will never be hazed as a candidate of Sigma Nu. 

Connections. Nearly 300 Sigma Nu chapters and over 100 alumni chapters have been chartered. With more than 230,000 initiated members bound by a common ritual and heritage, you will benefit from a large network and supportive network of alumni. You will also share a common bond with Sigma Nu Hall of Fame inductees such as Harrison Ford, Glenn Miller, Bob Barker, and Eli Manning.

Philanthropy. Sigma Nu’s Helping Hand Initiative supports these national philanthropic organizations:


  • The Paul “Bear” Bryant Awards


  • Habitat-for-Humanity

  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Brothers around the country gain project management and other leadership skills while providing needed assistance to these organizations.

Programming. From our Sigma Nu Institutes for officer training, to our biennial Grand Chapter conventions, to the College of Chapters program for incoming chapter presidents, Sigma Nu provides opportunities for you to meet brothers from around the continent to exchange experiences and ideas. At the chapter level, our award-winning LEAD program will assist you in your growth as you progress through your education.

Our Chapter

Friendship. Whether you join because of your friends or because you want to make new friends, there are few organizations better to join than a fraternity. From our social events to our service events, every minute spent is a minute spent getting closer with your brothers. In Sigma Nu, you will build close relationships that last can last a lifetime.

Membership Development. Our chapter’s implementation of the national LEAD program has earned awards both on campus and nationally. Standing for Leadership, Ethics, Achievement, and Development, this member education program will help you grow in four phases:

  • Phase I, our new member education program, where you will  be introduced to the chapter, the fraternity, our history, and our values.

  • Phase II, for recent initiates, where you and your brothers will discuss the qualities of leadership.

  • Phase III, where you are given an opportunity to work on project management, goal-setting, and personal health.

  • Phase IV, often led by the chapter’s alumni, provides you lessons on topics such graduate school and taxes to prepare you for life beyond undergrad.

In addition, All-Chapter LEAD events are available to brothers at any phase. Past All-Chapter LEAD sessions include everything from Resume Workshops to Financial Literacy and Investment. 

Campus Involvement. The brothers of Sigma Nu at the University of Rochester have very diverse interests, from technical theatre to rugby. Members in Sigma Nu have earned leaderships positions everywhere from Residential Advisors to the Students' Association Government. By joining Sigma Nu, you will benefit from the shared experience of these brothers.

Leadership Opportunities. Our chapter has over 20 elected or appointed positions for you to try your hand at, such as President, Philanthropy Chairman, and Chapter Historian. Even if you are not an officer, we have committees to handle specific tasks within the chapter including the Executive Board, the Recruitment Committee, and our internal judicial board. No matter your position, you will gain experience in project management and team building. Most importantly, you will get invaluable practice in leadership.

Service. We have been actively involved in service events and projects both on and off campus. These opportunities to serve our community include activities such as packaging medical equipment at Intervol and recycling tech equipment at ImagineIT. We also support our fellow Greek organizations by participating in their annual events, such as Delta Gamma’s Anchor Splash and Kappa Alpha Theta's KATurday Night Live.

The Cost. The costs of membership are:

  • A one-time candidate fee

  • A one-time initiation fee

  • Semesterly membership dues, set by a vote of the chapter

More Information

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