Charles Pan 

Academics Chair

Pledge Class: ΓT

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Manhasset, New York 

Involvement: Winner of Mr. U of R 2019

Grayson Fedorov 


Pledge Class: ΓT

Major: Psych and Business

Hometown: Allentown, PA 

Involvement: Rugby and WRUR

Emory Jenkins

LEAD Chair

Pledge Class: ΓT

Major: Optical Engineering

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Involvement: TA, Event Support, SPS

Garrett Percevault 

Philanthropy Chair 

Pledge Class: ΓY

Major: Optical Engineering

Hometown: Verona 

Involvement: OSA

Everett Shafer

Social Chair

Pledge Class: ΓY

Major: Optical Engineering

Hometown: Montara, California

Involvement: Trebellious workshops, OSA

Neophytos Zambas


Pledge Class: ΓY

Major: Undecided

Hometown: Stewartsville NJ

Involvement: URTV

Liam Cui

Pledge Class: 




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