Ian Steinfield

Pledge Class: ΓΟ

Major: Microbiology & Epidemiology

Hometown: Milford, MA

Involvement: OBOC, Pep Band, Brass Choir

Tim Sullivan 

Pledge Class: ΓΟ

Major: Chemical Engineering

Hometown: Wilton, CT

Involvement: Club Tennis , UR Roundnet, American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Joshua Choi


Pledge Class: ΓΟ

Major: Business & Political Science

Hometown: Irvine, CA

Involvement: Undergraduate Business & Econ Council, Peet's Coffee

Zac Lukegord

Pledge Class: ΓΟ

Major: Computer Science

Hometown: Hampton, NH

Involvement: Event and Classroom Management

Matt Parker

Pledge Class: ΓП

Major: Epidemiology

Hometown: Watkinsville, GA

Involvement: Research at PEAK Lab

Tyler Falter 

Pledge Class: ΓN

Major: Biology

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Involvement: MERT, Boxing Club


Jason Lafortune

Pledge Class: ΓP

Major: Computer Science

Hometown: West Newbury, Massachusetts



Andrew Klug

Pledge Class: ΓП

Major: Physics and Astronomy

Hometown: Rockaway, New Jersey