Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sigma Nu?


Sigma Nu is a collegiate men's fraternity, originally founded in 1869 at the Virginia Military Institute. We are the only men's fraternity founded on the principle of honor and opposition to hazing. The three cardinal principals of Sigma Nu are Love, Honor and Truth. Learn more about us here!


How much will it cost?


Financial responsibilities are broken up into two categories: (1) those paid to the national organization and (2) those paid to the local chapter. National dues are as follows: a one-time candidate fee of $100.00, a one-time initiation fee of $230.00 and ~$150.00/semester chapter fee, which vary each fiscal year per the national organization's discretion. On the other hand, chapter fees vary semester to semester. Chapter fees are voted on by the active chapter at the beginning of each academic semester. 


How much time will it take?


Being in a fraternity is a time commitment, but can be easily managed. There are different levels of involvement, ranging from serving on a committee (comparable to adding a lab-component of a class) to being the president (comparable to taking on a new job). No matter what level of involvement, every member donates about 5 hours a week to Sigma Nu, but it can easily be balanced with academics and other commitments. 


What value will I gain from joining Sigma Nu?


The value you gain from a membership in Sigma Nu Fraternity grows during your college year and continues throughout your entire life. The leadership skills you develop and connections you make will serve you long after you graduate. The bonds of brotherhood strengthened in college will only grow stronger as you grow older. As a Sigma Nu, you will have the unique opportunity to network with a diverse brotherhood, united by the common bond of out Fraternity. Simply put, the value of membership in Sigma Nu lasts a lifetime. 


What is LEAD?


LEAD, standing for Leadership, Ethics, Achievement, Development is Sigma Nu's four phase ethical leadership development program. This practical, interactive curriculum includes sessions that tackle topics ranging from leadership, brotherhood building, ethics, values, risk management, controversy with civility and creating effective change. Learn more about Sigma Nu's LEAD program here.

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