One of the biggest efforts of the Lambda Eta chapter each semester is on our philanthropy projects, of which we host multiple events, both large and small throughout the year. Besides being a shared value of many Sigma Nu chapters to give back and help various organizations, the Lambda Eta chapter chooses organizations to support that coincide with the values of our national organization and our chapter.

Our major annual philanthropy events are our Hot Wing Eating Contest in the Fall and our Battle of the Bands in the Spring. They are both annual events in which the chapter devotes many hours of preparation for. Our Hot Wing Eating Contest, which has been an annual event on the UR campus for more than 7 years, works to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital by getting

competitors to get friends and family to donate towards their participation in the contest. We usually have over 40 participants and have raised upwards of $700 for St. Jude's.


Our Battle of the Bands has also benefited St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. With the help of the staff of Todd Theatre, we host a benefit concert with 6 bands ranging from rock to funk to jazz and everything in between. We bring in 3 judges from the faculty and staff of the University and previous judges have included Dean of Admissions Jonathan Burdick, Orientation Director Eleanor Oi, and Professor of Music Josef Hanson. The bands will compete for prizes for Judges choice band as well as the band that raises the most money for St. Jude's. 


Some other philanthropy events the chapter participates in include our Letters to Soldiers event in which we host a letter writing drive to active and retired veterans. Last year we hosted this event with Sea & Anchor Detail and Delta Gamma and were able to send over 100 letters to US military veterans. The chapter also participates in upwards of a dozen events per semester sponsored by other organizations on campus. In Fall 2019, we hosted a new event called "Wheel of Misfortune" where we helped raise over $1,000 for St. Jude Children's Hospital.

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